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Mar Martinez - Lily, Yaco and Janis

We saw an announcement that there would be an adoption conference in Sitges.
We decided to go to find out about the protectors in the area and see what dogs were for adoption. We had no preference in terms of characteristics or age of the dog we wanted to adopt.
As soon as a dog arrived, he approached us. He was looking us straight in the eye. His gaze captivated us. We were talking to the girl who was wearing it. He explained to us that they gave it to the protector. She lived the first six months of her life locked in a room without contact with anyone.
When it was his turn to go up on the catwalk together with other dogs, instead of doing the tour, he came directly towards us. And we knew that she was the one.
That same week we went to Barcelona to look for her at her foster home.
As she had separation anxiety, we decided to hire the services of a canine educator, who not only helped us understand her better but also taught us to know ourselves better. We have a very special connection. She reflects my emotions, even though I try to hide them. She has taught me parts of myself that even I did not know and to manage my emotions. And it continues to do so day by day.

When we decided to expand the family, we did not imagine what destiny had in store for us.
We saw an ad on Facebook for a protector. A 2-year-old Beagle for adoption. I never thought we would go for a dog of this breed.
We went to meet him and that day he showed us his first escapism number. Still, we fell in love. In the second meeting we took Lily to get to know each other and it went very well. The first thing Yaco did was lie on his back in front of her and then they played together for a long time.
When we got home, we knew that it could be complicated since, as it was a hunting dog, it had never lived with a human family. He lived with more dogs in a large kennel and only went out to hunt.
At first it was chaos, he jumped on us to throw the dishes at us and steal the food. Any oversight could cause you to run out of dinner or socks. He ate eight pairs. Luckily he has never had to undergo surgery for it.
If he had to undergo an operating room to undergo a caudectomy, since he had a keratosarcoma. But thanks to the team of professionals we have, everything went very well.

We had a hard time redirecting their behavior. But with a lot of patience, love and help from an educator we have managed to improve their behavior a lot.
Those who have known him for a long time have noticed his change.
I am grateful that he has come to me, because I'm not sure that anyone would be able to put up with a dog obsessed with eating everything that is within his reach (including a remote control and a mobile). There have been times when it has pushed us to the limit and that has taught us that when you love someone you are capable of fighting to achieve the common good.


She really came to us, it wasn't planned.
A stormy night with its thunder and lightning. At dawn, around 4 in the morning, my partner was getting ready to go to work and heard some meows. She told me and when we left the house we found her.
A soggy kitten of approximately 2 months meowing non-stop at the door of the house.
We picked her up with the intention of putting her to safety and finding her a home. But she had already decided to stay with us and we couldn't say no to her.
She is quite a talkative cat. He likes to sleep with us. And if there is a storm, he likes to go out to the balcony to enjoy the show.
She is loving in her own way, when she feels like it, but not for more than 10 minutes. He likes to go in and out of the house whenever he wants. You can find it in any corner of our garden taking a nap.
She teaches us that love can show itself in many ways. We don't need to be glued to someone 24/7 to show that you love them. We all need our own space and it must be respected.



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