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Miriam Porta - Tibet, Cora and Dana


Dear family, I am Tibet. My parents found me on social media and decided to give me a chance. I lived on a farm with more dogs and my brother, but my brother was quickly adopted as he was healthy. I have leishmaniasis and I was very ill. So it took longer to find a family, but thanks to the people who took care of me in the shelter and thanks to my parents, now I am very well, I am very very happy and I have many little sisters with me, I even live with a kitten. I have been very lucky and the truth is that they too.



Dear family, I am Cora. A real hound. A protector of the Scale found me with my mother and my brothers. My mom was sick and we inherited that disease. Luckily they caught it in time and we were all saved. My mom found me on social media too and came to my shelter to take me with her. He was only two months old. We have always made a very good team even though it has made them suffer a little. I was young and very naughty, to this day I live in a very large house with many little sisters and brothers and I could not be happier.



Dear family, I am Dana. My story is more complex, Mommy was not yet part of my life. They found me in a house in Badajoz with about forty more dogs. The man who took care of us had Noah Syndrome. Eventually he passed away and all of us who were there had to survive as best we could. I lived with all my siblings. When they found me, I was very thin and seriously injured. Luckily the protector saved me and thanks to them daddy was able to contact me. People scared me and I had a hard time trusting and letting myself be loved. Then my mom appeared and thanks to them I am now a loving, playful and very sociable Brittany. There is nothing like having good parents who love you and pamper you like mine do with me.



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