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Bob - The Missing

Elena Garcia, Marta American

September 27, 2021

Hospitalization / ICU

The Bob will appear, after three days lost, with a quadre of polytrauma, hypotension and hyperthermia. He presented a molt hematoma extending to the abdominal area with epidermal necrosis. Analyzes show severe leukopenia and increased bilirubin. The most shocking month will be the one that you will see the x-rays ... a ball to the abdomen and an altre to the extreme anterior drainage. We performed an exploratory laparotomy, with 4 perforations to the intestine. Perform 3 enterectomies, one enterotomy and use the patch technique to promote healing. Quatre hours of surgery that result in a success, but that do not ensure the survival of the gat. Hi has vegades that tot i l'esforç, the little and l'delivery of tot l'equip, the end is not the one that would please. Because of the general status of the animal, the degree of elevation and generality of lesions and generalized extension of the sepsis, a cardiorespiratory arrest in order to accommodate Bob. “Thank you Bob for having seen it during the days despite not having forces. Thank you for having been an exemplary cat in all the sentits. Thank you for pleasing the family of love for the anys that I shared, but above all thank you because I have hopes of changing-li he destined to some other animal in the history of the story, and that the other day has not been on. Semper et Recuerrem Petit. »


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