Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery

At Miman's Veterinary Hospital we offer the veterinary specialty of Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Another minimally invasive technique consists of introducing a camera with working channels through 2 or 3 small holes made surgically, which will allow organs to be observed, manipulated and intervened without the need to open the abdomen. This technique allows to reduce the size of the incision, the pain, the post-operative recovery and the risk of infections and complications and it is very effective to perform sterilizations in females and males.


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Veterinary, Head of the hospitalization service / ICU, Ophthalmology Department
Marta Americano
Veterinary and Co-head of the hospitalization service / ICU
Antonio de Lorenzo
Veterinarian, Department of trauma and surgery, Head of the endoscopy and laparoscopy service
Rafael Segarra
Veterinarian, Department of Traumatology, Surgery and Ophthalmology

Within this field of veterinary medicine we offer the following services:

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