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Alba Muela - Lola and Cookie


One day we were waiting for a call from an association for which we occasionally welcomed. They called to tell us that they had an urgent case that needed to get out of their hell. They give us the address and once there, we are attended by an older woman who explains that she works in a house and that the dog had had puppies. He decided to get a dog for his son, who was looking for one, but of another breed, large and totally different, but being so baby he thought he would not realize it or that it would not matter to him.
After a few weeks, the boy saw that it was not what he expected and there began Lola's hell. Beatings with the broom, nights out in the open, famine, and feeling neither love nor warmth from a family ...
After the call, we arrived, we saw it and we took it with us. In principle it was going to be to find her a family that loved her, what we didn't know is that she had already found her… us. And so it was with a lot of love and affection we have been sharing with her for almost 8 years. We know that you have finally found peace, you are happy, and it makes us even happier. Our smiling girl, my life partner, just by looking at you I come to understand you.


One weekend we went out with the camper, and we met a couple who had a westy.
A few days after a common acquaintance, we get a message that there is a breeder who was retiring mothers. I did not understand what this meant at that time ... when we got to the site we saw that they could no longer give birth due to age and other characteristics, so they were looking for a family or another place.
We saw her and decided to take her home… She was a dog that had experienced nothing more than having puppies over and over again. Everything was new, getting into the car, a house, a bed, a necklace, a family ... He had lived for 7 years in a playpen in the open without leaving there and raising for 7 years, without knowing anything about life.
Now she is a happy bitch, with all the letters. We love her madly, she is my shadow, my love, my girl, we are teaching her everything, but what she does not know is that she is also showing us many things that we did not know. It is incredible how she adapts to everything and is aware that she is finally in a family that loves her just like she loves us. Our happy chubby, you have saved us.


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