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Monica Barbany - Mojo Picon, Lolo, Tokio, Paca & Keity


My child from Tenerife, came into our lives in a very happy moment, my honeymoon, our last day we went to visit the north of the island, it was a rainy day, and on that road was the mojadito, there the adventure began, to be able to bring it home…. look for a vet, make papers for him, hire him the flight and put him in a hotel where pets are not allowed, but everything went perfect: check when he got home and he was positive for Leukemia, luckily with a lot of care he is great and very chubby and above all HAPPY


I met my 15-year-old champion almost 7 years ago, I came home with my husband, he was a very big and grumpy cat, three years ago his nose began to bleed, and after tests they told us he had a nasopharyngeal tumor, ( They gave us a maximum of 6 months to live) he was on chemotherapy for a year, until they gave us the great news that everything was fine, it was a miracle, a year later another shock, he has calicivirus, of which after all the surgeries We can say that he is a survivor, and he begins to be the same as he was before grumpy with his brothers


The little dog of the house, a 1.5-year-old earthquake that came to our house in the middle of the pandemic, loves gardening (hiding bones and toys) and especially playing with her ball and swimming at the beach or pool. She is a nerve, but very very affectionate


La paquita is a beautiful little panther about 7 years old, as I always say, she arrived by Amazon, yes yes Amazon, six years ago that Amazon de Castellbisbal was under construction and my husband who works there for security had been watching for days wandering among the trucks They fed her all the security items there, but she couldn't be there anymore because they were going to open and they were "kicking them out" so that night she put her in the car and came home where she lives happily, and acting as a mother to Mojo picón who adopted it from the first moment


Another feline, who has lived at home for about 7 years, she is over twelve years old, and has only 3 legs, she was born without one, but she moves normally and seeks life to climb to the heights, she is the most surly of all maybe because of her disability, but when you treat her she is all love


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