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ARYA - SUB (ureter prosthesis)

Marta Americano, Rafael Segarra

November 28, 2021

Feline Medicine, Hospitalization, Surgery

Arya She has been admitted to our hospital for a few days, after being referred by her usual veterinarian.

He presents a picture of marked apathy, anorexia, and azotemia.
After abdominal ultrasound we diagnosed a urethral obstruction in the right kidney.
Renal parameters worsen, for which it is necessary to perform surgery to establish a SUB (ureter prosthesis), as well as an esophagostomy tube to feed her.

🐱 Arya begins to improve, as well as abdominal pain, kidney tests ...

He has started eating and regaining energy.
She begins to be her again, despite the fact that we still have reviews ahead of us until we can give her the final clinical discharge.

The importance of having the necessary patience and attention in each case makes our work much more precise.

We will not tire of thanking you for leaving the health of some of your family members in our hands.


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