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SHARK - Spleen torsion

Marta Americano

October 20, 2021

Emergencies / Surgery

Our emergency department, surgery, imaging and ICU work hand in hand to address Shark's case.

We diagnosed a torsion of the spleen sonographically, which we reversed with a splenectomy.
We take advantage of the anesthesia to also perform a preventive gastropexy. Gastropexy is a procedure in which the stomach is attached to the abdominal wall. There are several different types of gastropexy that are commonly performed, both with large surgical incisions and with minimally invasive techniques. With the realization of this technique we will avoid the so famous torsion of the stomach, which can occur especially in large breeds such as the German shepherd.

During admission, we monitor blood volume and rule out possible arrhythmias through electrocardiograms.

In the revisions we have controlled the anemia and assessed the evolution of the incision, so we proceed to discharge the clinic.

In cases like Shark's, the performance of the owners is extremely important. Anorexia, apathy, vomiting and brown urine were the symptoms that he presented at home and made him arrive at the hospital in time to be operated on.

Whenever you detect changes in the general condition of your animal, call us to consult and request an appointment, or come and our emergency service will attend you in order of severity.




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