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VALDO - Intestinal obstruction

Lucie Orieux, Marta Americano, Elena Garcia

October 20, 2021

Referral, Ultrasound, Surgery

We are a reference veterinary hospital in the area and the usual veterinary center in Valdo, Puig and Pons sends it to us due to a suspicion of intestinal obstruction.

Our imaging service, through an abdominal ultrasound and x-rays, appreciates the dilated stomach with great content.

We entered the operating room and performed an exploratory laparotomy, where the suspicion of the previous tests was confirmed.

Due to the great impact on the stomach, the surgical treatment decided is a gastrotomy, where we extracted 600 grams of almond shells.

After 3 days of admission, complete physical examinations every 4 hours, monitoring and tests, we will discharge you from the hospital.

We understand that it was three days since he had eaten. I had no room for more ...
These Labradors have no end!
He has spent his days in the hospital surrounded by love and caresses. She fell asleep in their arms and let them do whatever she needed to for her. How lucky to share time with you Valdo.


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