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October 19, 2021


Multiple wounds in the area of the withers, neck, head, thorax, abdomen and perineum. This is how we receive Xènia after being bitten by three dogs.

Once the analytical parameters and X-rays had been verified, we entered surgery to extensively reconstruct all the wounds.

Two surgeons, four hands and an anesthetist managed to reduce the time of surgery and therefore the anesthetic risk.

We reoperated the patient two more times for dehiscence of the sutures and infection of the wounds.
The microbiological culture that we send to the laboratory shows a triple infection with multi-resistant bacteria.
We proceed to debride the wound and hospitalize for daily dressings with a wet-to-dry bandage and hydrocolloid ice.
On the fourth day, evaluating the appearance of the wound, which is much healthier, it is closed by delayed first intention and stress relief points.

5 drains, 2 admissions, 3 interventions, 1 crop and a lot of care, is what Xènia has needed to overcome this scare.


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