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YELLOW - Exotic Emergency Service

YELLOW - Exotic Emergency Service

October 19, 2021

The exotic service intervenes in the emergency room to Yellow, who arrives just after being bitten by one of the house dogs.

The right wing is dropped, with a large bruise. A humerus fracture and a V-wound in the medial wing area. We observe a strong inflammation that is causing him so much pain that he is unable to move or walk.

We went to the operating room to clean, suture and reconstruct the affected areas. An anesthesia of almost an hour and a half, washes, many stitches, bandages and treatment.

Two weeks later, in the second review, Yellow is doing well. The inflammation has greatly reduced, and the bruise is now non-existent.

It is very likely that the operated wing will not regain the mobility it had, but being a domestic duck, it will be able to lead a normal life. Moving, bathing, playing ...

Handling with any animal has to be sweet and delicate, to try to reduce as much as possible the stressful situations that the fact of going to the vet can cause. Even more has to be applied in the world of exotics, since the level of sensitivity they have is very high.
We have been very lucky with Yellow. We have not treated a kinder and more patient duck than him.


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