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Rafael Segarra

September 27, 2021


This little boy is a three-week-old dog, who traveled 40 km and arrived from the emergency room in our hospital with a picture of buffets, opaque cornea and periocular hemorrhage in the right eye.

On examination, the eye was not visible and was very painful.

We decided to go into the operating room and perform an enucleation of it.

After 24 hours of hospitalization, we managed to control pain and monitor possible post-surgical complications.

We were discharged from the hospital without clinical signs, and with oral antibiotic treatment.

Follow-up visits are made, then, after surgery, in which Daisuke progresses favorably with the complete healing of the eye.

Daisuke's case is a case to be dealt with with the utmost urgency. The eyes are very sensitive and any symptoms they present can worsen in a few hours. Going to the vet can be the difference between saving your animal's eye or losing it forever. 




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