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TITAN - Mandibular Fracture

Rafael Segarra

October 20, 2021


In today's post, we want to show you the case of Titan, who arrived from the emergency room at three months with a bilateral mandibular fracture after being bitten by another dog.

We had to perform a surgery placing two plates on each side of the jaw, fixed with different snails.

After the check-ups and two months on a soft diet, through the X-rays we verified that the bone callus had formed correctly. Thanks to this, the feed was introduced little by little and he began to lead a normal life.

Seven months later, Titan began to show discomfort secondary to the left mandibular root plate. This prevented him from eating normally, so we proceeded to remove the implant.

Days after the intervention, the discomfort has disappeared and she has started to eat again. In subsequent revisions, our traumatologist and surgeon has been able to verify how the healing and evolution is correct.


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